has been designed to guide you through the early stages of using tech tools to help you build your confidence with different approaches.

We currently have:

  • Teacher Edition

  • School Office Edition

  • Student Careers Edition

  • Transition Edition (Primary to Secondary)

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Teacher Edition

  • Feedback

  • Flipped Learning

  • Communication

  • Collaboration

  • Creativity

  • Critical Thinking

School Office Edition

  • Docs

  • Slides

  • Mail Merge

  • Sheets

  • Gmail

  • Forms

  • Drive

Student Careers Edition

  • Professional Communication Through Technology

  • Collaborative Working

  • Design Thinking

  • Job Searching in the 21st century

Transition Edition

  • Aimed at pupils moving to secondary/high school

  • Digital Citizenship

  • Esafety

  • Emotional Wellbeing online

  • Digital Portfolios